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I make wedding canopies for synagogues and also work closely with couples to discover how to appropriately honor their special day (and have an art piece for their new life!).

Together we decide upon relevant symbols, quotations, & images. By taking advantage of today's technology, we can transcend distance barriers & design the chuppah together.

People are also welcome to work collaboratively with me in my studio in western Massachusetts.

Let's figure it out together!

chuppah gallery
synagogue art

the jewish wedding...
is a pivotal life cycle event and cause for endless celebration.

the chuppah...
is a visual focal point of the Jewish wedding ceremony which takes place under a canopy supported by four posts.

the chuppah symbolizes the Jewish home created by the union of the couple-- a temporary shelter becomes a home in the presence of love.

prices range from $800-$2000

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Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts 01370