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This is how we make your tallit...

Whether you travel to my studio, or you tell me what you want over the internet or phone, together we will create the perfect tallit for you.

Inspiration can come from a favorite doodle, the work of a famous artist, or from another tallit you've seen.

In order to meet pending deadlines we need plenty of time--- at least 6 weeks is ideal.

The design is transferred onto the stretched silk with a rubber based resist line.

Painting is a blast and totally failure proof--- a lovefest for the dyes as they move across the silk.  

Indeed, the hardest thing is remembering to breathe!  

You can do the painting or you can leave the fun to me!



or send an e-mail

After your painted fabric is taken through a few more steps it will be ready for the tzizzit to be tied in the four corners.

Some call it 'Jewish macrame'--- the winding and the knotting is imbued with meaning and is the very thing that makes the tallit a Jewish ritual object.   I can instruct you how to do this, or take on the honor myself.

Then you are ready for the biggest honor of all--- to wear your holy garment with pride!



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