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the studio
Until 2005, I was based in Berkeley, California, where for many years I had a beautiful creekside studio. There I would work on my own creations as well as welcomeothers to share in the creative process. On occasion I still visit Berkeley with access to my old studio.

Now I live in western Massachusetts and share a wonderful space with my husband, stained glass fabricator Mark Liebowitz, in the precious village of Shelburne Falls, a 'destination location' famous for its Bridge of Flowers.

Our studio name is "A Colorful Affair."

I can also travel to you, creating a studio wherever you are.
Over the years I have developed the "schlep factor" into a fine art!

We have several options for working together---
I may work independently in my studio, you join me here, or I come to you. Naturally, fees vary accordingly.

Let's make a plan.




P. O. Box 233
Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts 01370